AVAAL is an acronym for ‘Adding Value At All Levels’ which is at the heart of everything we want to achieve. Its our purpose.

When we, Gareth Pike and Mike Charter first came together it was to solve a massive growth problem for our respective businesses . We not only solved the problem, we saw the growth potential, so, in March 2016, the AVAAL Group was born.

Today, AVAAL Group is unique. We are a business agency which consults, creates opportunities and acquires equity to achieve a result far greater than either party could achieve on their own.

I’m an AVAALer.

An AVAALer has the deep desire to add value at all levels. They come from all walks of life, but they have a need to use their knowledge, their experience and their networks, their time and their efforts to make a positive impact. They feel compelled to act where they know they can make a difference and help to achieve a great result.

These are the people we want to work with.

Gareth Pike and Mike have spent years in the corporate sector both nationally and internationally, enhancing their skill-sets. Now they’ve created their own fantastic business that specialises in building scalability and amplifying our resources and technology to create opportunities for people and organisations.

Avaal is already knee-deep in a wide variety of industries, helping other people achieve their goals, and kicking a few of our own.

Our aim is for AVAAL Group to be recognised globally as a brand that adds value.

We want companies to approach us with the view that together, we can do something incredible.

At AVAAL, we are the catalyst for amazing outcomes and we make great things happen.