AVAAL co-creators Mike Charter, Gareth Pike and the team in the AVAAL office are buzzing with preparations underway for the Wonderdog Border Collie World Record Conga Line attempt, which will be held at Castle Hill showground early next month.

“The aim is to have 1000 or more dogs and their owners walking in a connected line around Castle Hill Showground on April 2 to set a World Record,” says Gareth, ” to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and to create awareness of Dr Katrina Warren’s new online Wonderdog School.

“The event fits perfectly with our AVAAL philosophy of Adding Value At All Levels.”

“Firstly,” says Mike, ” it’s a fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

“Most importantly, Dr Katrina is a firm believer in the value a pet brings to a person’s emotional wellbeing.

“She has seen first-hand the remarkable impact pets can have as companions for people who are unwell, and who are being treated for Breast Cancer.”

“They offer unconditional love and affection, are good listeners and are by your side, no matter how you feel or look,” says Dr Katrina.

“Plus, pets are a great reason to get up in the morning, even when you are not feeling great.

“That’s why I have launched the Wonderdog School,” she says.

“A well-behaved pet brings such joy and love to a family. I want to make it easy for everyone to train their dogs, to make the most of this amazingly special relationship. “

There has already been significant interest in the Wonderdog World Record Conga Line Attempt at Sydney’s Castle Hill Showground on April 2, with dogs (and their owners) travelling from right around Australia to be a part of this amazing event