Production is underway on the AVAAL Group’s exciting new TV show, tentatively titled ‘How Can It Be’, which reveals how our DNA can answer questions about our mental health and wellbeing.

In an exciting development, the show’s director Ian Cooke has recently picked up a global Humanitarian Award of Distinction for his 2016 documentary ‘Humble Hope’, which he judges say represents the spirit of humanitarianism combined with quality filmmaking craft.

AVAAL co-creator Gareth Pike says“How Can It Be?’ will be hosted by 2 Triple M radio personality Gus Worland, who received acclaim for his recent production ‘Man Up’, an ABC program focussing on male mental health.

“The first episode of ‘How Can It Be?’  has been filmed this month,” says Gareth. “We are delighted to have secured the support of world-renown geneticist Dr Brett Teale. Dr Teale is a molecular biologist with a string of qualifications and experience to his name. He’s a specialist in molecular oncology and pathology and is honoured by the National Association of Testing Authorities Australia (NATA) as an assessor in genetic testing.”

Gareth says they’ll use a simple swab test to determine how our DNA affects the way we deal with life.

‘With the help of Dr Teale, the test will reveal how appropriate, individually-tailored lifestyle modifications can improve our overall wellbeing,” says Gareth.

“We are thrilled our director Ian has been honoured with this prestigious award and are lucky to be working with a filmmaker of this calibre. It makes it even more exciting to be producing a program which will be life-changing for so many people.”