More than 100 people have gathered for the launch of Australia’s newest TV program aimed at improving the mental health of all Australians.

‘How Can It Be?’ is hosted by media personality Gus Worland. The show looks at how our DNA shapes our physical and mental wellbeing, from our propensity to exercise, right through to the foods we should eat and how we metabolise medications.

The audience included the ‘stars’ of the show including celebrity vet Dr Katrina Warren, and wine maker Lisa McGuigan, as well as representatives from Suicide Awareness Australia, TripleM, and NRMA and Qantas.

Co-producers Gareth Pike and Mike Charter from the AVAAL Group are thrilled with the final product, saying they hope it will encourage people to take steps toward a more positive, healthy lifestyle.

“The premise of the show is the better you look after your physical health, the more control you have over your emotions.,” says Gareth. “We took a group of people, and gave them a Peak DNA test. We then tailored a diet and exercise plan specifically to their genetic make-up, to give them the best shot at physical and emotional health.

“As our wellbeing expert Kris Abbey says, food causes chemical reactions in our bodies and our brains, so gut health equals mental health. ‘How Can It Be’ shows how our DNA determines what’s best for us as individuals, based on our genetic make up, and demonstrates listening to our bodies gives us the best shot at a positive mental state.”

Mike Charter agrees. ‘Mental health is a real problem here in Australia with eight people taking their own lives every day. We wanted to show that simply by understanding your own genetic make up you can take positive steps toward overall wellbeing, both physically and emotionally.”