Gareth Pike and Mike Charter of the AVAAL Group are excited to announce a major partnership with celebrity vet Dr Katrina Warren.

“AVAAL is an acronym for Adding Value At All Levels,” says Gareth. ” It’s our creed and it’s what we do best. Nothing demonstrates this better than our newest business offering ‘Wonder X Pty Ltd’ , which includes a training school and other related products within this partnership.”

Wonder Dog School is an online dog training program complete with a one-on-one component, which gives pet owners direct access to expert animal behavioural specialists.

Gareth  says all the research points toward the benefits of pet ownership. “There are enormous physical and mental health benefits,” he says. “Having a well-trained, happy pet brings so much joy and has a positive impact on our well being” says Gareth.  “Studies also show pets aid with our longevity and assist in recovery. These benefits are magnified when the pets are well behaved.

“That’s what makes the whole idea so appealing to us here at AVAAL, because we aim to add value at all levels.”

Here’s how the AVAAL/ Wonder X partnership unfolded.

“At AVAAL we are strong supporters of the National Breast Cancer Foundation,” says co-founder Mike Charter. ” When we began our affiliation, in true AVAAL style, we investigated every aspect in order to maximise the value we could provide this incredible organisation.

“One of their ambassadors is media personality and vet Dr Katrina Warren. After unpacking the partnership opportunity with Katrina, we discovered she had developed the online training program so we identified many ways to leverage this across our varied business units and relationships.

“That’s where AVAAL stepped in. We have taken this amazing dog training program to market, making it accessible for pet owners, and manageable for Dr Katrina and her team of expert trainers.”

Already the idea has been embraced internationally with partnerships in the UK and the USA being locked down.  Locally, sales channels are expanding rapidly with Flybuys now on board.

Mike and Gareth then worked together to maximise the outcome and add value at all levels.

In this case, this includes Katrina, the international opportunities, and most importantly, pets and their owners!

That’s what being an AVAALER is all about.