Here at AVAAL we are about to launch Australia’s newest chocolate sensation.

The Tribute bar is all about quality. The chocolate has been carefully-selected, professionally blended and meticulously tested, all with the utmost respect for tradition.

AVAAL’s Mike Charter and Gareth Pike have teamed up with chocolatier Peter Edmunds, who has combined all his passion and experience to create this chocolate sensation.

And it’s the quality of our delicious handmade delight that sets Tribute apart.

The Tribute bar is made with single-origin, organic beans grown in the Dominican Republic, transported to Belgium and turned into coverture chocolate- the finest there is.

“When the quality is high, the chocolate is more flavoursome so you are satisfied by smaller quantities,” says Peter. “When chocolate is 72% coverture, like our Tribute Dark, just 3 grams will stay on your palette for 10 minutes. It’s all you need!

“Our dark chocolate has this perfect cocoa mass. And it’s not made with dairy, so it’s suitable for vegans.

“Tribute’s milk chocolate is 37% coverture, so it’s one of the highest quality on the market.”

Amazing artist Steen Jones has designed cutting-edge packaging for the Tribute bar, which will be available at outlets right across Australia.

AVAAL co-founder Gareth Pike says Steen was a natural choice. “We are passionate about our product and its heritage and we love street art,” says Gareth. “It’s an amazing way to communicate. So when Steen was as passionate about Tribute as we are, it became a natural fit.”

“The rose on the packaging signifies ‘enduring passion’ says Steen, “because the team at Tribute is passionate about giving you the absolute best.”

Gareth says the AVAAL group is thrilled to be releasing such an exciting product. “Who doesn’t love chocolate?” asks Gareth. “ We’ve called it Tribute because we want to pay homage the growers, to fair trade, to the producers, to quality and to creativity.

“It’s also our tribute to you, the chocolate-loving consumer, and it’s the first of many products we have lined up as part of the Tribute label. ”